guardians of galaxy vs star wars STAR WARS GoG STYLE

As a couple of Star Wars trailers in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy are out on YouTube, let’s compare and contrast the usual suspects in both:

LUKE vs. PETER: There’s really no equivalent to Luke Skywalker in GoG, since Peter Quill aka Star Lord is more Han-Solo-cock-sure and sarcastic than the innocent hero Luke was.  However, he is the leader of the Guardians, so he’s a cross between Luke and Han.

LEIA vs. GAMORA: Princess Leia doesn’t really have anything in common with Gamora except that both are the main female in the group, but Leia did show her feisty-ness even with her hair donuts, so they’re both beautiful females (human and alien) who can more than hold their own in a fight.

CHEWBACCA vs. DRAX: While Chewbacca is a gentle giant who only used his great strength only when necessary, Drax is full of rage and out to kill Thanos, but the two would probably be an equal match in battle.

R2-D2/LANDO vs. ROCKET RACCOON: Since Rocket’s paired with Groot, the obvious parallel would be R2-D2 and C-3PO; however, Rocket’s character is edgier and a bit more like the self-serving Lando than the always helpful do-gooder R2-D2.  And he’s got a mouth on him, no cute electronic twitters with Rocket.

C-3PO vs. GROOT: Groot is the one innocent in the GoG much like the polite C-3PO, but unlike the polyglot robot, Groot is deadly in a fight, so take that!

DARTH VADER vs. RONAN THE ACCUSER: Both working for a master villain, both Vader and Ronan are the ones who do the legwork.  Both are monstrous in their dark power and twisted minds and equally terrifying.  Whether or not Ronan becomes as iconic as Vader remains to be seen.

DARTH SIDIOUS vs. THANOS: So who’s bigger and badder?  Thanos achieved godhood and can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Thor, but even so, would he win in a showdown against Sidious?  Dunno, but either way, the evil buck stops with these two.

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